Classes designed to get your body moving

Broadway Style

Combination class which includes: ballet, tap, jazz. This is an excellent class to introduce a younger dancer to different forms of dance while building a strong foundation.


Cecchetti (Italian), Vagonova (Russian), French, techniques. Fundamental to a complete dance education is the mastery of classical ballet technique. It’s the foundation for every dancer and is essential for cleanliness, placement, line, etc.


Popular form of dance, which borrows from classical, modern and jazz styles. Contemporary utilizes both the strong and controlled legwork of ballet and modern dance.

Pas De Deux

Adagio class. A dance by two people. Typically a man and a woman.


Expression through natural bodily movements and rhythms.


(Ages 8- Adult): Acting as in Broadway / Theatre.

Musical Theater

(Ages 9- Adult): Acting as in Broadway / Singing.