Mrs. Martha has been one of the greatest blessings in my life. She accepted me into her ethereal home and loving arms when I was twelve years old and knew not one thing of dancing. Her wise eyes and knowing smile trained my mind and soul in the way of dedication and perseverance. She made me eat, sleep, and dream of dancing throughout her ballet lessons, broadway step classes, summer programs, and private lessons. She gave me a confidence I never knew was within me by offering me the opportunity to choreograph and teach others. I can proudly say that I would not be who I am today if I had never met my dear Mrs. Martha. Because of her kindness, guidance, and encouragement, I have decided to pursue a career in the arts and hope to one day teach children the magic of theatre and dance. I can only pray to be just as wonderful as my teacher. I believe Mrs. Martha can challenge any child to find their voice and place in the world in the passionate perseverance of dance.

— Katelyn Joy Ortiz

We can’t thank Ms. Martha enough! She has helped our daughters to discover talents they didn’t know they had and has nurtured those talents every step of the way. Through Every Little Step, they’ve had innumerable and exciting opportunities to perform as well as teach others! She cares so much about each of her students on a personal level. Her decades of experience are evident in the quality of instruction and her passion for dance is palpable! The students also form sweet friendships as they collaborate to choreograph and stage their own performances! Thanks, Ms. Martha, or providing your students with a place to learn, grow, and shine! 

— Doris Rodriguez, Encore Theater

Martha Albrecht is a wonderful dance teacher and poetry therapist. Under her instruction, my daughter has grown as a dancer, an artist, and a person. She gives her students personal attention and offers them one on one instruction which enables them to learn more quickly than in a traditional dance school. Her mission as a teacher is not only to shape her students into great dancers but into empathetic, creative, and kind human beings. If you want your child to grow as an artist or dancer, I highly recommend taking them to Every Little Step. 

— Diedra Everett